Nishtar & Zafar is a full-service law and consulting firm of Pakistan, which was established with a mission to help strengthen the legal culture in the country by promoting rule of law and by providing high-quality legal services to the quality-conscious individuals, organizations and businesses.

At Nishtar & Zafar we believe in developing ever-growing and profound relationships and endeavoring to provide the best possible legal advice and representation to serve the interests of the clients and the cause of justice in the most appropriate manner. We are committed to help you understand the legal framework in which you or your business works and but also to find you flexible and efficient solutions.

We try to fully understand the businesses of our clients to develop a real-life perspective, which helps us customizing solutions when a client needs our help in safeguarding his interests.

At Nishtar & Zafar we envision to make the legal profession a focal point for a positive change in the society by helping the legal praternity assume the role of opinion leader and help the country steer through the exciting but challenging time that 21st century is and going to be.

Towards being catalysts of change brining about a strong professionalism within the legal profession's domain is our firat challege to prove outr mettle. While we feel duty bound to let our clients know the limits that a law imposes on them or their businesses, we equally commit ourselves to help them carve out a niche that serves their need without violating a statute or overstepping a code of ethics. We pride ourselves in finding our clients ways that help deals happen.

Having distinguished former members of the superior judiciary and officers of the civil service of Pakistan, we can rightly boasts of talent, experience, and robust networking. We keep an active liaison with the legal institutions and government authorities to keep our professionals abreast of the administrative and legal developments. It enables us to advise our clients proactively to get the best out of those developments. We also actively contribute in drafting of new laws and improving existing ones in an effort to make the legal system more responsive to the needs of the modern society and the business while seeking to ensure fair play and justice.

In addition to a good mix of talent and experience, we are also proud to have a command on harnessing new technologies to keep ourselves up-to-date on administrative, legal, and professional developments on one hand and to deliver our services in time-efficient and cost-effective manners on the other.