Hassan Kamran Bashir Advocate has an LLM from Harvard Law School where he studied as a World Bank scholar. His areas of specialization are Taxation, WTO Laws, International Commercial law and Private International Law.

Hassan is a former Deputy Commissioner Income Tax belonging to the 23rd Common Training Program. His career spanning over thirteen years with FBR included various assignments as an Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax to make tax assessments of corporate/non-corporate cases. He made income tax assessments of corporate entities (residents/non-residents) in major sectors such as Oil refining, Telecommunications, Textiles, Sugar, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, educational institutions, etc.
During the tax audit of corporate entities, he raised important tax issues pertaining to permanent establishment, transfer pricing, thin capitalization, non-deduction of withholding taxes, treatment of deferred income, depreciation, examined scores of financial statements, books of accounts and other details (manufacturing/trading) of corporate entities. In case of accounting/tax anomalies, he re-casted the accounts to have a true picture of the actual tax profile.

He represented the Department before various judicial fora such as Commissioner (appeals), Income Tax Tribunal, Tax Ombudsman and High court. He also conducted national economy documentation survey in the year 2000 as a team leader in one of the commercial areas of Lahore. Hassan Kamran Bashir resigned from the service as Deputy Commissioner in 2009; dividing his time between Islamabad and Lahore, he is advising the clients on issues pertaining to Taxation, Corporate Laws, WTO Laws, Arbitration and other Laws involving litigation, opinions and drafting, etc. for various judicial fora including High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan. He also finds time to teach as a visiting faculty and contributes to various dailies and journals. Hassan is based at Lahore. .