Taxation practice is the forte of our Firm. With one of our partners’ tax experience as presiding judge of the high court taxation bench and 3 other partners’ extensive experience as senior Civil Service officers in the Income Tax Department, Government of Pakistan at various levels from Assistant Commissioner up to the Member FBR coupled with quality tax and legal education from a top law school, of the USA we proudly present our services ranging from planning of a tax-efficient transaction to representing our clients before the Supreme Court of Pakistan. In addition to income and corporate taxation, our tax practice covers sales tax, excises, professional and trade taxes, property taxes, and other local-government taxes.

Our tax practice services include: transaction planning and restructuring; periodic review of accounting process and procedures; review of final accounts for tax provision and computation; preparation of the return and its annexure; handling assessment proceedings; appeals from CIR to the Supreme Court; liaising with the Central Board of Revenue for finding administrative solutions to the controversial issues and seeking advance opinion of ambiguous statutory provisions; tax-effective salary structuring; and assisting the clients in ensuring timely and cost effective compliance such as withholding taxes and filing of periodical statements.

Our corporate practice covers a wide spectrum of sub-areas and activities both domestically and internationally. We advise clients on all corporate issues including incorporation, commencement, initial public offering (IPO), corporate governance, directors’ liability, securitization, Corporate Finance, Stock Exchange Listing, re-structuring, re-habilitation, SECP Compliance and litigation, mergers and acquisitions(M&A), spin-offs and winding-up.

We also handle litigation, incorporation and compliance related issues including preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association; filing annual, periodical, and occasional statements; representing clients before the regulatory, administrative, and judicial authorities; and filing international memoranda wherever necessitated by laws.

With most of the leading practitioners having strong background of working in high administrative and quasi-judicial positions in government we have a strong resource base for providing consulting services in the public administration, public sector reforms and development policy and implementation areas. We have a strong entity level commitment on collaborating with local, national and international institutions for working towards improving social indicators in the country in general and addressing the issues related to vulnerable communities in the country. Our firm has helped government and UNICEF authorities compile a compendium of all child related statutes in the country and also assisted the government, civil society and the legislature on developing legal frameworks on gender related issues.

In addition to social issues we advise various tiers of national and subnational governments on devising responsive development strategies especially meant to improve governance on one hand and alleviate poverty on the other. We also are committed to work for empowering youth and women by promoting knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurship among them.

In a very specialized field of training of public departments and private security companies, we design and implement soft interventions. How can you do it without professional input? We engage courageous, innovative policy makers, trainers and implementing partners. We design training curriculum, devise methodology and impart training through one stop arrangement. Our trainers have been involved in counter terrorism trainings with public sector and also exclusively available to our clients.

· Customized Training Based upon Trainings Needs Assessment of each organization

· On Job Training under specialized and dedicated supervision

· Training of Trainers

How can businesses thrive sans security? The training course will provide professionals with an overview of the essentials of effective personal and premises security paradigms. The team will provide tailor made SOPs for the specific situations, events and the premises through one window operation. The Consultants will provide training to the staff and the first responders, other than security officials, to act in time in crisis situations.


• Information Collection
• Risk Assessments
• Personal an Premises Security
• Effective check Points
• Digital Security Options

The training course will provide the various aspects of leadership and leadership traits which are required in multiple sectors in life. Especially in challenging times the responsibilities of true leaders and limitations in which they have to perform for common objectives of the organizations.


• Leadership Theories
• Who is the Leader
• Playing your role
• Leadership in Practice
• Gender, Culture and Leadership

Holding the people with authority answerable to the clients and the recipients of the services is essential element of all progressive organizations. The training course will show the best ways to develop traditions and culture of accountability in peaceful and productive manner at various levels in the organizations and institutions.


• Accountability in Corporate world and other Sectors
• Elements of Accountability
• Relationship between Accountability and the organizational Development
• Accountability: Existing policies and laws and institutions
• Framework in Action

Every growing organization needs people who can add value to their business. Finding valuable human resource is not a random exercise. Through this course, managers will be introduced to gauge the competencies and skills of the potential employees of the organization and to measure their own capabilities during and after the recruitment process by follow up interviews. Assessment matrices and weightage scoring models will be introduced as possible means to be used in an interview.

How many times a day you thing that you are paid as much as you deserve? This course will be about teaching you to negotiate with your bosses and to communicate more effectively. Learning to say right words at right time in right manners is essence of negotiations and this will be discussed in detail. But to get most out of it you have to negotiate!

We are proud to present our skills in this nascent area of practice in Pakistan for which we have in-depth understanding of the legal as well as the institutional frameworks, which bind the governments and private entrepreneurs into a mutually beneficial relationship despite having opposite objectives since governments works for free service but the businesses work for the maximization of profit. We are also proud to state that we have drafted the PPP statutes for the Sindh and have been associated with the statute building in Punjab.

The firm has a pool of knowledge and experience to deal with specialized laws and regulatory authorities such as Securities & Exchange Commission, stock exchanges, competition commission of Pakistan, Privatization Commission of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan and administrative ministries both at federal and provincial levels.

We deal in selective litigation involving important legal issues concerning contractual disputes, constitutional and administrative law matters, service & labour laws issues, fundamental human rights, corporate and taxation matters.

Other areas
we usually undertake work in the following areas:

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
    Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration.
  • Civil
    Insurance, Recovery of money and damages suits, Property disputes
  • Constitutional
    Administrative Law Advice, Writ Petitions, Service matters
  • Contracts
    Advice and Negotiation, Agreement Drafting, Contract Enforcement, Breach Litigation.
  • Energy & Natural Resources
    Mineral Exploration and Marketing, Power Generation and Distribution, Water Management.
  • IT and Communication
    Computer Laws, Cyber Crime, Software Licensing, Telecom and IT Contracts.
  • International Trade
    Anti-Dumping, Shipping, Trade Agreements, WTO Disputes Resolution.